Strategic Plan

The Fountain Hills Strategic plan is designed to empower every Town staff, Town Council, and Strategic Advisory Planning Commission member to ensure that efforts to complete and track progress of the Strategic Plan continue over its five-year life span regardless of position changes, elections, etc. This is a living document, intended to endure in principal and evolve in goals, objectives, and approach.

The Town of Fountain Hills utilizes the strategic plan to provide guidance on a variety of town activities including policy recommendations, town operations, and even capital improvement projects. From its earliest beginnings, Fountain Hills has grounded the vision for its future on the input and aspirations of its citizens. In 2004-2005 the first Strategic Plan was crafted over an 18-month process involving thousands of hours of work with volunteer professionals and the input of more than 2,000 residents and stakeholders. This first formal Plan for the future of Fountain Hills called for the creation of the Strategic Planning Advisory Commission to assure that the annual goals and priorities set by Council and Town staff were consistent with the Strategic Plan, and to provide ongoing education and public dialogue opportunities.

In approaching the task of writing a strategic plan the Commission first sought to understand and give voice to the Fountain Hills citizens, local leaders, and historical documents. The Commission did this by engaging local business, civic, education and government leaders for input, observations, and experiences. Next the Commission reviewed and assessed the ongoing impact of the Town’s 2015 strategic plan that was subsequently updated in 2017. Most importantly, the commission collaborated with the non-profit volunteer group named ‘Vision Fountain Hills’, to survey over 900 Fountain Hills residents on their thoughts and views of important past, and current issues. The results of the survey showed that respondents primary community interests were:

  • Business Development
  • Technology Services
  • Town’s Condition
  • The Environment
  • Town Finances
  • Safety

The 2022 Strategic Plan honors and continues the Fountain Hills tradition of citizen-involved planning. Fountain Hills is truly the best place to live in Arizona, and we are confident that the 2022 Strategic Plan provides the roadmap for an even brighter future for our Town.

2022 Town of Fountain Hills Strategic Plan