Tax Information

Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) Program

The Town of Fountain Hills is a "program city" under the State of Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax (TPT) Program. As a result, taxes for the Town are reported to and collected by the State of Arizona Department of Revenue on forms TPT-EZ or TPT-2. The current sales tax rate for Fountain Hills, including the county and state portions, is 9.2%.

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Effective November 1, 2019, the Fountain Hills portion will increase from 2.6% to 2.9%. Click here for the TPT Rate Table.

*Effective January 1, 2015, the Arizona Department of Revenue has changed the business class codes. Click here for a complete listing.
  1. Retail Sales Tax
  2. Fountain Hills Tax Rates
  3. Use Tax
  4. Transient Lodging/Bed Tax
  5. Rentals
  6. Other Tax Rates
  7. New Homes & Construction
  8. Lot Construction
  9. New Construction on Taxed Lot
  10. Home & Lot Sold Together

Sales Tax Rate

The Fountain Hills retail sales tax rate is 2.9% (1.6% for long term residential rentals) and is reported on a separate line with the region code of FH.  Below is a partial listing of business codes:
  • 017 - Retail Sales
  • 011 - Restaurants and bars
  • 029 - Use tax purchases
  • 044 - Hotel / Motel (short term rental, less than 30 days) 
  • 144 - Hotel / Motel - additional tax
  • 045 - Residential rentals/leases (long term rental, 30 or more days)
  • 213 - Commercial rentals/leases
  • 313 - Commercial rentals/leases - additional tax
  • 015 - Contracting - prime
Please be aware that local sales tax is charged on food in Fountain Hills.