Air Quality & Dust Control

Town of Fountain Hills Dust Control Program

The Town is an active participant in helping reduce dust pollution PM 10 that constantly plagues the Valley and State. The State of Arizona has a mandated surface pollution reduction plan to help the State comply with EPA regulation. The State must reach a 5% reduction in surface PM 10 dust to comply with the federal mandate. Failure to meet this goal could result in a loss of federal highway dollars. The Town provides a yearly report to the Maricopa Association of Governments offices (MAG) outlining what measures we are taking to help reduce the levels of PM 10 within our community.

Town Ordinances

Particulate matter ("dust") is 1 of the 6 primary air pollutants monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) nationwide. The Phoenix Metropolitan region has failed to attain the federal dust standards deemed necessary to protect public health. The Town of Fountain Hills and other area cities are working with the EPA to help reduce dust pollution in the Valley. Many cities have adopted ordinances that address local dust pollution issues.

Fountain Hills Policies

The Town of Fountain Hills has focused its efforts on 3 areas; vehicle use on vacant lots, unpaved areas and leaf blowers. For all property within the Town’s limits, the following dust control rules and standards apply:
  • Operation of Vehicles on Vacant Lots - Town Code 12-2-11
The operation of vehicles on or across any vacant lot is prohibited unless it is dust-proofed pursuant to Town Code or the Zoning Ordinance or has been issued a Maricopa County fugitive dust control permit:
  • Dust and Airborne Particulate Control - Town Code 10-7

Additional Policies

This section addresses 2 specific areas, leaf blowers and unpaved areas. On March 6, 2008 the Town Council adopted Ordinance 08-05 adding dustproof paving methods for residential properties. On April 17, 2008 the Town Council adopted amended Ordinance 08-09 prohibiting any person from operating a leaf blower to blow landscape debris or dust into a public roadway. Please view the brochure for Federal Air Quality Laws (PDF).

Maricopa County Dust Control Program

In addition to regulating dust emissions generated from unpaved parking lots and vacant lots, the Maricopa County Air Quality Department also regulates all dust generating operations disturbing more than .10 of an acre (includes construction areas and dirt roads) and residential wood burning. For more information on County regulations and programs, call 602-506-6010 or visit the County's website at Maricopa County Air Quality Department. Dust complaints can be referred to the County's complaint hotline at 602-372-2703 or Report a Violation website.