Snake Removal

We can remove snakes, only if it is a rattlesnake and is in your immediate area (near a door, car, inside a house or garage). We can move the snake but only out of that area; most likely we will drop it over your back fence. If we move it more than a hundred yards or so the snake can be disoriented and die. Bull, gopher and king snakes are not a danger to people.

Available Resources

If you have bull snakes and/or king snakes around there is a much smaller chance of having rattlesnakes in your yard. Check the Internet to learn how to identify snakes. A pest control company or handyman can “snake proof” your yard. There are products like “Snake Away” or moth balls that can deter snake. Some people say they work; others say they don’t. You can do research on the Internet. Call 480-644-2400 to have rattlesnakes removed.

Snake Training Dogs

It is also a good idea to have your dog “snake trained.” This is where they put an electric shock collar on your dog and then they have your dog smell a rattlesnake in a cage and shock your dog. Your veterinarian should be able to recommend someone who does snake training. Make sure they use a rattlesnake not some other type of snake.