Development Services

Department Description

Building Safety

The Building Safety Division is dedicated to processing applications for permits to construct homes, commercial buildings, fences, swimming pools and other structures in a manner that is responsive and customer friendly. The Division coordinates the review of plans for the structures it permits and conducts construction inspections.

Planning and Zoning

The Planning Division is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Fountain Hills through innovative, proven planning techniques, and providing excellent customer service in a professional and timely manner. The Division implements land use planning related goals, policies and programs as approved by the Town Council. The Division processes applications for zoning interpretations and verifications, preliminary and final subdivision plats, variances from the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance, Temporary Use Permits, Special Use Permits, Concept Plans (site plans), signs and amendments to the General Plan and Area Specific Plans. The Division also processes amendments to the Town’s regulations, the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance and Town Code.

Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Division is actively involved in maintaining an excellent quality of life by addressing community issues such as abandoned vehicles, property maintenance, improperly maintained pools, illegal signs, improper parking on private property, and dumping or other destruction in Town owned washes. The Code Compliance Division strives to address problems in a confidential, friendly and understanding way which allows for sufficient time to come into compliance voluntarily.

Mapping & Graphics

The Mapping & Graphics Division is dedicated to providing excellent customer service in a professional and timely manner. The Division is responsible for providing internal and external customers with maps, graphic information and research.

Town’s Online Permitting and Planning System (TOPPS)

TOPPS is the Town of Fountain Hills online system for processing building, zoning, and subdivision applications. Through this system you can file an application, receive updates on the status of the review of the application, receive notification of application approval, and more.  Use the link below to access the system.  For information on Building Permit applications, go to the Building Safety webpage. For information on Zoning/Subdivision applications, go to the Planning & Zoning webpage.

Link for TOPPS