Master Plans 

The Town of Fountain Hills develops strategic and master plans used by town leaders to help guide decisions for future growth, development, and recreation. The documents support and guide decision-making at all levels of the organization and focus the town's efforts on its core responsibilities. Throughout the budget cycle, a master and strategic plan prove beneficial in communicating and setting budget priorities.

Active Transportation Plan - The plan will serve as the primary tool for deployment and integration of connected, safe, and comfortable facilities for bicyclists, pedestrians, and other nonmotorized modes within the Town.

Community Services Parks, Trail, and Recreation Master Plan - Community Service Strategic Plan identifies the need for integral long term planning analysis and strategies to create outstanding recreation opportunities, well-maintained facilities, and a customer-focused and responsive park system.

Community Economic Development Strategy - 2023-2026 (CEDS) - Using the Town's mission, vision, and the Town's adopted General Plan as a driver, the Town of Fountain Hill's 2023-2026 Community Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is designed to focus on measurable strategic goals and objectives to increase the Town's competitiveness and create a vibrant economy that contributes to the health and well-being of the community. 

2022 Environmental Plan - The Fountain Hills General Plan 2020, adopted by the Town Council and voters in 2020, contains goals, policies, and action items related to maintaining the environment in Fountain Hills. This Environmental Plan pulls the information and elements of that Plan into one readable document. This Town of Fountain Hills Environmental Plan 2022 summarizes the vital environmental factors, followed by the details contained in the General Plan.

Fountain Hills Strategic Plan - The Town of Fountain Hills utilizes the strategic plan to provide guidance on a variety of town activities including policy recommendations, town operations, and even capital improvement projects.

General Plan 2020 - The Fountain Hills General Plan provides a decision-making framework for Town elected and appointed officials and staff to guide future growth, development, redevelopment and infill and maintain the public infrastructure and services needed to support existing and future needs.

McDowell Mountain Preservation Commission Master Plan - The purpose of this Trail Master Plan is to determine and specify what, if any, additional trails may eventually be added to the Preserve over time, while maintaining an appropriate balance of the criteria specified by the Town, the 2004 Preserve Master Plan, and the McDowell Mountain Preservation Commission (MMPC) Guidelines.

Public Art Master Plan - This document establishes policies and procedures for the acquisition, placement, care and management of works of art for the public art collection of the Town of Fountain Hills, whether acquired through a Gift or Bequest.

Strategic Communications and Citizen Engagement Plan 2022 - A well-informed citizenry is crucial for effective government communications and strong accountability of government agencies and leadership. Civic engagement creates and maintains an educated, aware, motivated, engaged, and fulfilled community.