Quick Clicks Utility Contact Information

We all have questions about services such as water and sewer, electricity, cable and phone, even barking dogs. The town doesn't provide all of the services you depend on, so who do you call when you have a question or issue? Use this reference card to help you find the customer service number or online location to get the answers you want - when you want. 

Quick Clicks Utility Contacts

Emergency (Fire and Police) 9-1-1
FH Fire Department (non-emergency) 480-837-9820
MCSO (non-emergency 24/7) 602-876-1011

Century Link centurylink.com/home/help/contact                                      866-449-1979

Cox Cable www.cox.com/residential/contactus

EPCOR Water Co. - 800-383-0834
(Please report any outages or other water trouble in your district 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.)

Republic Services - 602-237-2078 

SRP - To report a power emergency 602-236-8811 

FH Sanitary District - 480-837-9444
(If sewer line is broken or collapsed in the public right-of-way or District’s easement, call the Sanitary District - 24/7)

2-1-1 (Comprehensive community resources) #211 
(877-211-8661) or www.211.org

Crisis Response - 602-222-9444
(Call if you need a team to help someone in FH. They will contact the client to see if the client wants their help.)

Before You Dig Call 8-1-1 or www.call811.com
(Formerly known as Blue-Stake)

Is it OK to Burn  www.cleanairmakemore.com

Maricopa County Animal Control - 602-372-4598

Scams and Frauds - 602-542-2124

Lost/Stolen Driver’s License? - 877-301-8093

What is the weather today? - 602-264-1212

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