Frequently Requested Phone Numbers

Local Utilities & Services

 Phone Number
Auto and Drivers Licenses 602-255-0072
Cable TV/Phone/Internet service provided by Cox Communications 602-594-1000
Electric Service provided by Salt River Project 602-236-8888
Marriage Licenses 480-443-6600
Phone/Internet Service provided by CenturyLink 602-490-2355
Sanitary Service provided by Fountain Hills Sanitary District 480-837-9444
Southwest Gas - Customer Service
Trash and Recycling Service provided by Republic Services
Water Service provided by Epcor 480-837-9522

Local Community Phone Numbers

 Organization  Telephone
Code Enforcement 480-816-5193
Community Center 480-816-5200
Dog Licensing 602-506-7387
Law Enforcement/Fire Emergency 911
Police (non-emergency number) 480-837-2047
Fire (non-emergency number) 480-837-9820
County Library (Fountain Hills Branch) 602-652-3000
Museum 480-837-2612
Senior Center 480-816-5226

Other Frequently Requested Phone Numbers
 Organization  Phone Number
Fountain Hills Unified School District 480-664-5000
Local Newspaper - The Fountain Hills Times 480-837-1925
Maricopa County Assessor (Property Tax) 602-506-3406
Maricopa County Treasurer 602-506-8511
Snake Removal - Fountain Hills Fire Department (Rural/Metro) 480-945-6311
Small Claims Court 480-947-7569
US Postal Office - Fountain Hills Branch 480-837-4812