Garage Sales


A garage or yard sale is selling of unwanted household or personal items, furniture, tools or clothing from your own property on an infrequent basis.


While a garage or yard sale may be a way to make extra money and get rid of unused and unwanted household items, it may also inconvenience the neighbors by increasing traffic, noise, signage and pedestrians. Be a good neighbor by following the following requirements for holding a garage or yard sale:

  • The sale can only be conducted within your property lines.
  • Sale merchandise cannot be displayed nor any associated activities be conducted on any public property, which includes sidewalks and streets.
  • Sale items must be limited to surplus items from your household. For example, the sale of 25 bicycles would not be a garage sale.
  • The sale must not last for more than 3 consecutive days and no more than 4 sales are permitted per calendar year.
  • The sale and related activities are to be limited to the hours between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.
  • On week days (Monday – Thursday) sale signs can only be displayed on private property (not within the Town right of way which varies but is generally 10 to 15’ behind the curb or edge of pavement). 
  • All signs must comply with the Town Zoning requirements for signs as provided in Section 6.08 D.  The maximum number of signs allowed leading to a garage sale is four (4); one on the property and three leading to the location.
  • No signs are permitted in medians that divide roadways, on sidewalks, or on Shea Boulevard. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and on federal holidays, signs may be placed in the right of way along town streets (but still not on Shea or in a median).  When placed in the right of way, they to be placed at least three feet back from the curb or from the paved surface, if there is no curb.  On these days, signs may be displayed from official sunrise until official sunset on the day(s) of the sale.
  • Allowed sign types are A-frames and Yard signs.  The maximum size is 6 square feet.  Signs must be made of durable material such as wood, plastic, or metal and maintained in good repair.  Cardboard and other light weight material is not permitted.
  • Remember, as a community-based activity, to keep the neighborhood and Town free from unsightly garage or yard sale signs.