Business Retention and Expansion

Existing businesses and the local workforce are key components of a community’s economic health and research shows that small businesses are the major drivers of job growth. The Town of Fountain Hills Economic Development Department launched a Business Retention and Expansion (BR&E) Program in partnership with the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce.

New business development has contributed to the Town’s recent economic growth; however, it is the success of existing businesses that boosts the local economy. By maintaining open lines of communication and building enduring relationships, BR&E seeks to aid our existing job creators as they hire more employees, add locations, invest in facilities and continue to give back to the community.

If you would like to schedule a BR&E visit, please contact Economic Development Director Amanda Jacobs at or Fountain Hills Chamber President and CEO Betsy LaVoie at

Bludot Open - Business Directory

Bludot Open's Business Directory is a growing list of local businesses designed to help encourage our residents to shop, dine, and spend locally. This directory is a free resource from the Town of Fountain Hills Economic Development Department in collaboration with Bludot. 

Need help adding or editing your business? Check out the videos below: