Taxes in Fountain Hills

Below is a high-level summary of the tax rate in Fountain Hills. 

Fountain Hills 2.9%
State/County 6.3%
Commercial Rent 2.9%
Commercial Rent (Maricopa County) 0.5%
Transient Lodging / Bed Tax 14.17%

The Town of Fountain Hills does not impose any primary property tax. 

For more tax information, visit www.fountainhillsaz.goc/172/Tax-Information.

Arizona Corporate Income Tax
Arizona has a competitive corporate income tax at 4.9%.  Exemptions for manufacturing and other firms include the sale of machinery, equipment and chemicals used directly in manufacturing or processing. Also exempt are professional or personal services.

Arizona Property Taxes

Rates are per $100 of assessed value. The assessed value for commercial property is 18% of the limited property value as determined by the Maricopa County Assessor, and the assessed value for residential property is 10% of the limited property value.