Election Signs Regulations

The Town of Fountain Hills recently updated its sign ordinance, providing rules for all signage regardless of message, which includes election-related signage. Below is the information you need to know to comply with the town's sign ordinance.

 Sign Code Requirements for Election SignageThis PDF document will help explain the do's and don't for placement of election signs in Fountain Hills.

No temporary signs for the upcoming election are allowed on Town property.

Signs may be placed in the right-of-way along a street only as provided for below:

- Can be posted no more than 71 days before the primary election, on Aug 2, 2022. The first day that signs are permitted is May 23.

- If a candidate does not move on to the general election, the candidates' signage must be removed within 15 days following the primary election date. For candidates who are on the general ballot, those candidates must remove their signs within 15 days following the general election on Nov 8, 2022.

- In residential areas, the maximum sign size is 16 square feet. In all other areas, the maximum display is 32 square feet. There is no limit on the number of signs.

- Signs may not be placed in any median.

- Signs must not obstruct traffic visibility on the street.

- Election signs are not allowed in the Sign Free Zones, which are most town’s primary streets, except from sunrise to sunset on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Federal Holidays.

- Temporary, including political signs, are never allowed on Shea Boulevard.

On private property, political signs are treated like any other sign based on the sign allowance for the zoning district. On a residential property, one yard sign is allowed per lot. Also, one post and board sign per street frontage area, and up to two flags on a flagpole. No A-frames or banners are allowed and flags cannot be hung on a building. See Residential Sign Locations.

Non-residential properties may use their allowance for permanent and temporary signs to display election related messages. In addition to permanent signs, non-residential properties may have one yard sign per lot, one post and board sign per street frontage, and two flags per flagpole, one A-frame per business, and one banner per business. Use of banner signs is limited to a maximum of 30-days per year.

Town Code does not allow for flyers and handouts to be left on a doorstep or in a mailbox. An individual at that property must be handed any political marketing materials.

The Code Compliance Division is actively involved in maintaining an excellent quality of life by addressing community issues such as abandoned vehicles, property maintenance, improperly maintained pools, illegal signs, improper parking on private property, and dumping or other destruction in Town owned washes.