Proposed Sunridge Natural Park

In June 2021, the Town Council approved the Community Services Master Plan, which looks at community wants and needs for future parks and recreation in Fountain Hills. The Town researched regional and national standards and potential service level improvements in developing the plan and solicited community feedback through surveys, online forums, and community presentations. Ideally, communities strive to have a park within a 10-minute walk from every residential home. Consistently, nearly 80 percent of Fountain Hills’ residents indicated they desire to have parks within easy access. As a result, several future park locations have been identified as part of the Community Service Master Plan.

During the summer of 2021, the Town initiated a survey of residents who live in Sunridge Canyon regarding the proposed park in Sunridge Canyon. The purpose of the questionnaire was to help determine residents' concerns about the park and possible amenities desired in the proposed park. The survey results were reviewed and compiled in the spring of 2022. The feedback received was a mix of people opposed to the park, along with those who wanted the park. Throughout the summer, the Town engaged Norris Design Group to begin the conceptual park design of Sunridge Natural Park based on specific feedback from the survey.

In September 2022, the Town invited a small group of Sunridge Canyon residents to review the preliminary park design and gather their feedback. The group consisted of people who were opposed to the park, undecided, and in favor of the park. The group's consensus was that the Town had listened to the residents who expressed concerns about the park and minimized park amenities to make it less attractive to people outside of Sunridge.

Sunridge residents will receive an invitation in December 2022 to review the new park renderings.

221024_SNAP_CMP-Renderings from street 500
220901_SunridgePark_Renderings-2 -500

Sunridge Natural Park is funded through Development Fees and will feature a walking loop through the natural terrain that will allow visitors to hike up a short hill to enjoy mountain views. Additionally, several fitness stations will be integrated within the hiking loop and shade ramadas with picnic tables. The hours of use for the park will be dawn to dusk. 

FAQ about Sunridge Natural Park

Did You Know:

  • Did you know…that ensuring park and rec opportunities are accessible to all, including bike routes, walkability and trail connections, have been rated as Important or Very Important by 82% of FH residents?
  • Did you know…that the typical community has 9.9 acres of park land for event 1000 residents in the jurisdiction? Fountain Hills currently has 5 acres of park land per 1,000 residents.
  • Did you know…that the typical community features one park for every 2,281 residents? Fountain Hills averages one park for every 5,780 residents.
  • Did you know…that Increased trails and pathway connectivity was ranked as one of the top two parks areas FH residents want to see improved?