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The mission of the Public Information Office is to accurately communicate news and information to Fountain Hills' customers, citizens, news media, elected officials, and employees via internal and external communication sources. 

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Film Permitting Process

Thank you for choosing the Town of Fountain Hills for your film production. With a variety of ideal and picturesque locations and home to the World Famous Fountain, Fountain Hills is the place for your next project! At its full height of 560 feet, the Fountain in the center of Fountain Hills is higher than the Washington Monument. It is 10 feet taller than Notre Dame Cathedral, 110 feet higher than the Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt and three times as high as Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park. The white plume of the world famous fountain is visible far beyond Fountain Hills. 

Film Permit Application Form

If you would like more information on the Town of Fountain Hills filming requirements and potential shooting locations, contact the Community Relations Department at  (480) 816-5109 or

  1. Fireworks Safety for a Safe Independence Day Celebration

    With all of the dry conditions in our town, it is essential to be very careful when using any fireworks, as just a spark can cause a fire, which could spread quickly. Read on...
  2. Building Materials and Dumpsters in the Road Make for Hazardous Driving

    When items such as landscape materials, dumpsters, moving pods, and building materials are placed in the road right-of-way without permits or safety barricades, they can be challenging for drivers to see. Read on...
  3. Annual 4th of July Festivities Moved to the 1st Due to National Fireworks Shortages

    Due to a national fireworks and staffing shortages, the Town was able to secure fireworks for July 1st instead of July 4th. This is the SAME amazing event, just a new date for 2022. Read on...
  4. Stay Informed During a Public Safety Emergency

    The Town of Fountain Hills has an emergency communications plan to keep you informed if there is a wildfire, flooding, or police situation that is or may threaten public safety. Here are the resources available to keep you informed and out of harm's way. Read on...
  5. Town of Fountain Hills Financial Transparency

    The Town of Fountain Hills is proud to be a part of the State of Arizona's Financial Transparency Portal. The Portal provides usable, understandable information about revenues and spending financial transactions for the state and the Town. Read on...
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Utility Contact Information

We all have questions about services such as water and sewer, electricity, cable and phone, even barking dogs. The town doesn't provide all of the services you depend on, so who do you call when you have a question or issue? Click here for the page that will help you find the customer service number or online location to get the answers you want - when you want.