Event Details 

Join us at Golden Eagle Park on April 9, 2022 at 8:00 am - 10:00 am and watch as hundreds of kids scramble to pick up over 15,000 eggs stuffed with candy and other prizes. Held on the ball fields at Golden Eagle Park, this event is a sure way to begin the spring season. Hoppy Bunny will serve as Master of Ceremonies and will be available for hugs and pictures throughout the event. The event is open to children up to 7 years old who must be accompanied by an adult. Arrive early as the Egg Hunt main event starts promptly at  9:00 am. We will have 3 field's designated for specific age groups; ages 0-3 on Field #4, ages 4-7 on Field #3, and kids 7 and under with siblings on Field #2. In the event of inclement weather or poor field conditions, this event will be rescheduled for the following Saturday, April 16. In addition, to the very popular egg scramble, you can visit with the Fountain Hills Fire Department, which will have trucks to climb on and firefighters to show the kids their gear. No event would be complete without inflatable bouncers to play on. Local church groups and the Fountain Hills Library will be on hand with crafts and games. Come join us for lots of egg-citement!

Peep My Scene

The Town of Fountain Hills Parks and Recreation Department want to see your creativity on display for our Peep My Scene Contest! Compete head to head in this fun and creative competition to see who can make the best looking scene with none other than the fun marshmallow treat, Peeps. A Grand Prize will be awarded to the Best of the Best! Get creative! Have fun! Will you create the best scene? Good luck!


  • All characters in each scene must be portrayed by Peeps and must include at least one Peep.
  • Any Peeps candy can be used and the peeps candy can be altered. 
  • Anything goes, as long as actual Peeps or images of Peeps are included.
  • Any shaped marshmallow Peep is allowed.
  • Must be an 18-by-18 inch scene at most, featuring Peeps in fun scenarios. (i.e shoebox size).
  • One entry per person. 
  • Each entry must have a title.
  • Additional supplies can be used to create a scene.
  • All scenes must be family-friendly.
  • No editing pictures, No collages, and only one photo may be submitted per entry.
  • Applications and pictures must be submitted by the deadline of April 17, 2022.
  • Have fun and let your creativity and imagination run wild!

Tips and Tricks

  • Use old Peeps candy. Fresh Peeps do not stick together as well. Make sure to let them dry out before you use them.
  • To help the Peeps stand flat, cut off the bottom of the Peep with a sharp knife dipped in water. Please make sure to have an adult assist with this tip for safety!
  • Use a non-wrinkling glue stick to attach backdrops and any items to the base.
  • Use a glue gun for gluing props together. PLEASE NOTE: Only use the glue gun for the props. The Peeps will melt from the hot glue. You don't want a puddle of marshmallow fluff!
  • Make sure to take a lot of photos from different angles. You can crop your photos to make the Peeps stand out.
Peeps Diorama Image - Press Release